Saturday, April 30, 2016

Not only lessons but a community

Spring is finally here ...

Start speaking Cantonese or Toisanese today!

BBQ party at Light House Park, Roosevelt Island, New York

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Benefits when you join the class
  1. Network with like minded people who are trying to improve their Cantonese and Toisanese.
  2. A unique opportunity to exchange latest tips, tools, tactics to learn faster.
  3. Receive critical feedback for word usage, tonality, etc. Hone your Cantonese and Toisanese skills by practicing with others.
  4. Find an accountability. Partner with other students at your level.
  5. Challenge your self to partner with someone who is above your language skill level.

    .... and much much more.
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Start anytime, Ideal for beginners who want to practice conversation. No hidden fees. Donation  only. 

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