Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Schedule

Dear friends and supporters of the Cantonese & Toisan Cultural Society,

Lay ho mah? (How are you?) Hope everyone had a great New Year!

Sorry about the late notice about the Cantonese classes. I'm working on getting the Cantonese handbooks together. We will begin using a Cantonese handbook for the classes. We will have beginners and advanced beginners Cantonese classes. There will be a charge for the handbooks due to the expenses in making the books and paying for the classroom space. Each book for each class will be $7. As usual, the classes are free and I have to pay to use the classroom space, therefore donations are greatly appreciated.

Please RSVP via email.

Class is located at Houston Street Center
273 Bowery Street, Houston Street Center,at intersection of Houston and Bowery Streets.
2nd floor, classroom 4 all the way in back near restrooms.

Kim Mui

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