Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reasons to Learn Cantonese

Kelly and Annie share their reason why they learn Cantonese with us.

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 There are many reasons to learn Cantonese and Toisanese.

  • To prepare for a family reunion 
  • Meet new people 
  • Speak with your customers
  • Impress your boss
  • Find love and romance 
  • Connect on a deeper level with you friends and family

What are your reasons for learning Cantonese or Toisanese?

If you need guidance in deciding which Cantonese Toisanese classes is suited for you, please contact us for advisement. Because every student is starting from a different level, learns at different speeds, and has special needs. We can help you reach your goals. Your personal information is private and confidential. Please refer to Privacy Policy at bottom of this page. 

Learn with us:

  • Exclusively teach Cantonese and Toisanese lessons.
  • Small Class sizes. 
  • A unique curriculum combining language instructions, culture and Chinese American History.
  •  Instructor is a native speaker as well is a resident of New York City Chinatown 
  •  In addition to language instruction, we teach history, struggles and contributions of Cantonese in America. 
  • We specialize in teaching Cantonese cultural heritage. Cantonese is a dying language. CCCP Government in Beijing has banned Cantonese language instruction in PRC. We keep it alive by maintaining our cultural identity here in New York City. 


Class Agenda 


Mission Statement

Our classes our offered as a service to our community. If your unemployed, underemployed or cannot pay the suggested donation of $10, you can attend for free! We never turn away a student due to financial hardship. Everyone is welcome.

Please consider purchasing an item from one of our sponsors. Because your purchases defray marketing expenses.

Student Advisement

Please help us understand your learning style. What can we do to make learning fun and easy?

Privacy Policy

We respect and value your privacy. We never share your information with third parties.

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