Saturday, March 18, 2023

Down a Dark Stairwell


A powerful documentary exploring the feelings of 2 communities of color in the wake of the accidental shooting of Akai Gurley by Officer Peter Liang.

When a Chinese-American police officer kills an innocent, unarmed Black man in a darkened stairwell of a New York City project, it sets off a firestorm of emotion and calls for accountability. When he becomes the first NYPD officer convicted of an on-duty shooting in over a decade, the fight for justice becomes complicated, igniting one of the largest Asian-American protest in history, disrupting a legacy of solidarity and putting an uneven legal system into sharp focus.

Ursula Liang

Special message from Director: Ursula Liang

Free Movie Screening of an Award-Winning Documentary on

Event Video

by Chinatown Organization for Media Awakening (COMA)


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