Friday, May 19, 2023

The Blu Room-A One Man Show Featuring Actor Rob Chen

You are invited to join us on Sunday, May 21st from 3 pm to 4:30 pm for an afternoon of laughs, cries, music and culture featuring BLU ROOM as we celebrate AAPI Heritage month at 21 Pell.

The Blu Room-A One Man Show Featuring Actor Rob Chen

About The Blu Room:

The Blu Room is a one man multilingual, multicultural theatrical act presented in a late night talk show format. Combining elements of comedy, music, cultural references, and current events, Rob Chen aims to create a safe space for the AAPI community to heal and celebrate their heritage and identity during a time of distress.

ABOUT ROB CHEN - About Rob’s Life:

Rob Chen is a proud NYC Asian American actor, artist, and storyteller working in theater, film/TV, and multimedia. His TV credits include shows like Law & Order: SVU, The Sinner, and Billions. As a content creator, he makes videos on his Cantonese American identity and vlogs about the people and communities he encounters, When he's not performing, Rob enjoys eating dim sum and dancing bachata with his friends.

THE INSPIRATION – How It Got Started:

The Blu Room was first conceived at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020. Forced into the blue walls of his bedroom, Rob Chen decided to take things into his own hands and began making YouTube videos where he played different characters who debated and discussed topics like Covid-19 and anti-Asian hate crimes in a poignant, yet comedic way. What started as a digital creative expression turned into a physical space for thought provoking conversations.

The Community - How We Serve:

The goal of the Blu Room is to spread awareness of the issues surrounding the AAPI community and to provide opportunity for healing and empowerment. We have QR codes that link to mental health and legal resources, as well as sources for the real life examples that inspired some of the scenes. While the Blu Room focuses on the Asian American identity, we believe that everybody can relate to the topics and discussions mentioned in our show. We hope to see you soon! See less


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21 Pell St, New York, NY 

In the heart of Chinatown 

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