Sunday, October 22, 2023

Corky Lee Way Sign Unveiling

No doubt our dearly missed friend Corky heard us celebrating in Chinatown from all the way up there! From dancing at our Chinatown Block Party with our *two* newsstand resident DJs (me + Les The DJ) to seeing Corky and friends on the big screen at 21Pell to singing “Where’s Corky?” with Judo Club, our full day of celebrating the unveiling of Corky Lee Way gathered so many friends together – just like he always loved to do at the Mosco Street newsstand and 21Pell.

And just as Corky always found a way to build bridges across and beyond the neighborhood, this special Chinatown Block Party was a collaborative labor of love across so many people and groups that love and miss him to this day. None of this would have been possible without the steadfast dedication of the Corky Lee Way Committee (including friends from OCA, Chinese Adoptee Alliance, & Think!Chinatown), who spearheaded the 2+ years effort to co-name Mosco Street in honor of Corky. Shoutout to 21Pell for opening up the historic First Chinese Baptist Church to continue Corky’s tradition of screening his favorite films created by and featuring his friends. And of course, so many people lit up the block on Corky Lee Way with us – Corky’s friends and family, Judo Club, Les The DJ, Chinatown Records – the list could go on forever! 

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