Thursday, November 23, 2023

21 Pell St is Thankful for You!

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear 21 Pell member,

My  memories of festive event shared with family and friends remind me of what I love most about this time of year:

Reflecting on the gratitude I hold in my heart for my loved ones, my health and my fulfilling work. I’m also grateful for 21 Pell St and Chinatown community—including YOU, and your support of our mission for peace, justice and the American way.

Together, we’re transforming lives and communities by building and hosting free events and by uniting all people in Chinatown  around the cause of community  activism.

Just like Thanksgiving is more than a holiday, a 21 Pell  is more than a sacred place for hosting events and tell our story. 

Thank you again for helping people in the Chinatown community have the resources they need to own share their common struggles and contributions and secure their families’ futures.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Anthony Alvarez and The 21Pell Team

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